Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Insect Info

These are invertebrates that have an external skeleton, jointed legs, and segmented bodies.

Their external skeletons are made of a material called chitin. This external skeleton provides the insect with protection.

Their jointed legs allow them flexibility to move and jump.

Most all arthropods belong to the class called insects. An insect has three distinct body parts - the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. Each insect has antennae - these are body parts that enable them to feel, hear and taste. Most insects have 3 pairs of legs and one or more pairs of wings.

Insects are usually brought into this world as an egg in complete metamorphosis the insect then changes and grows into larvae, which eats and grows and then eventually changes into the resting stage called pupa. Example of this include the butterfly and moth. After these changes, the insect has one final change and enters its life as an adult.

Some insects go through incomplete metamorphosis. Which mean they begin as an egg, become a nymph and then molt several times and become an adult.

Entomologists are scientists that study insects... Take a nature walk and see if you can find some good insect examples... remember the parts they need to have to be considered insects.

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