Sunday, February 1, 2015

Science Fair Project

Does your child need to do a science fair project?  Some people would answer that they homeschool and so they do not need to do a science fair project.  I don’t normally make my daughter do a science fair project, but the homeschool co-op that we belong to requires that all students who are enrolled in a science course participate in the science fair.

I walked through and was amazed that the range of projects students had chosen.  Some of the typical elementary science fair projects had to do with plants response to light.  One of the high school student’s science fair project was to build a solar power set up from scratch and compare the differences in performance between the home made solar panel and a commercially available solar panel.

We are not going to enter a science fair, but I do have a project my daughter will be doing.  She is going to be testing the difference between the four water sources on our property.  She will do tests on city water (tap water), well water, the creek water, and the pond water. She will test water chemistry as well as make slide to go under the microscope. 

Will your student be completing a science fair project this year?