Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Studying Plants

The study of plants is interesting and amazing... and just because you may have chosen to study science online doesn't mean that you can't study plants and reap the benefits of nature as your science lab.
1)Go outdoors to study photosynthesis by looking at leaves
2) Study special plants such as - evergreens, pricly plants, climbers, and needle leaves
3) Study roots and stems by pulling up a few plants and comparing their roots.

Use online science games on the various subjects you studies to drill and review the concepts that were introduced.

Do an experiment that also examines the parts of plants that you studied this week.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taste Test

This week we did some fun food experiments. We all know that foods taste and smell different, but if you can't smell what you are eating will you be able to tell what it is?

I asked my kids this and of course they said, "Yes of course we can tell just by tasting." So I got a potato and a apple and cut them in to pieces. I had my kids hold their nose and taste each one.

Now they did know which was which but they admitted that not being able to smell made a difference. It is funny now when we go to eat sometimes I will catch them holding their nose to see if they can taste a difference ;-)