Tuesday, May 15, 2012

8 Familiar Insect Families

1) Crickets, locusts, grasshoppers, and cockroaches are all part of the same insect order because they share the same type of wings that fold in a straight line against their body. Their official name is orthoptera... which means "straight wings." These insects can cause a lot of damage to farmer's crops with their insatiable appetite.
2) Dragonflies, damselflies are part of the order odonata which means "toothed." They have toothlike parts on their mouths. These insects have long slender bodies with two sets of wings on their backs.
3) Beetles are the most numerous insect. Their name is coleoptera - which means "sheath wings."
4) Aphids, tree hoppers, leaf hoppers, and cicadas. Their order name is homoptera which means "same wings." These are also a nuisance to farmers.
5) Bees, ants and wasps. We consider these social creatures because they live with families or colonies. Their order name is hymenoptera - which means "membrane wings."
6) Butterflies and moths.These creatures display God's amazing design. They are some of the most beautiful insects on earth. Their order name is lepidoptera - which means scale wings.
7) True bugs are known for how they suck sap from plants or bodies. Their order name is hemipter - or half wings. Members of this group include bed bugs, stinkbugs, and water striders.
8) Flies, gnats, and mosquitoes are the least popular of all insects.These bugs carry diseases. Their order name is diptera- which means "two wings. Some flies look very much like bees, but if look closely you will see that it has only two wings - and thus a fly!

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