Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow Globes

We made home-made snow globes today!!!!

It is that time of year again and to me its always a great time for fun sciency Christmas crafts.
So I decided to let the kids make a snow globe.

What You Need:
  • Small Jars with Lids
  • Mineral Oil or Water
  • Egg Shell and/or Glitter
  • Glue Gun or Sealant
  • Decorative Objects

It was pretty easy to make after we cleaned a couple of spaghetti jars up, all they had to do was glue some plastic holiday ornaments to the lid.
To make the snow I had them crush some cleaned eggs shells in a bag and pour with glitter into the jar. The of course we filled with water and glued the lid on.
Once dried it was neat seeing their faces when they got to watch their creation in action :)

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