Thursday, March 26, 2015

Homeschooling Evolution

Do you homeschool for religious reasons or are you a secular homeschooler?

One of the key topics that seem to separate the two is science.  One side tends to teach Creationism and the other side tends to teach Evolution.  Because homeschooling had its beginnings with the religious homeschoolers much of the science curriculum out there teaches science from a Creation world view.

But what if you are a secular homeschooler?  Sometimes it is difficult to find curriculum that includes Evolution.  And keep in mind that Evolution does not always mean stating that man evolved from apes.  Sometimes it just embraces the idea that species mutate and adapt over time. 

I thought I would offer you an article and some resources if you homeschooling evolution.  Many of the “mainstream” homeschool curriculum companies can be used if you decide to homeschool science from a Creation standpoint. 

Some homeschoolers even teach Creationism and Evolutionary theory side by side, comparing and contrasting the two.  In our homeschool, though we identify as secular homeschoolers, we do teach both. 

Which worldview do you teach in your homeschool science?


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