Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Health Games

When my daughter was in about the fourth grade she completed her science curriculum for the year early.  Because we homeschool year round we could have continued with the next year’s science curriculum but my daughter is fanatical about science and would study science to the exclusion of anything else given the chance.

We decided that holding out the next year’s science curriculum as a “carrot” to give her incentive to finish her other courses for fourth grade would work well.  At the same time, having no science to go to seemed like disincentive.  To her it seemed like not having some science was like punishing her for finishing her favorite subject by telling her she couldn’t do any more of it.

I have to admit, I could kind of see her point. 

So what we did was do a mini unit on health.  We found a great source for heath games that covered health, staying in shape, allergies, and dental health.  My daughter loves to play online games of any sort, and by offering the games as part of her health course work, we had a win-win situation.  She got what she considered science, she got to play games, and she learned information that she needed to know anyway! 

I love win-win education situations, don’t you?



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