Sunday, September 14, 2014

High School Biology Course

Do you remember your high school biology course? Things have really changed. Ninth and tenth graders are covering subjects like cell biology, genetics, and DNA mapping that we didn’t even see until college.  Getting ready to homeschool high school biology will probably require lots of preparation and leveraging extra resources.

There are many web sites a valuable that not only provide up to date information but also include lectures by experts.  Even YouTube has demonstrations of biology topics and you can find all sorts of virtual laboratory experiments to teach everything from anatomy of worms to cellular biology.

Biology is still the most fun when you can actively engage with living things.  It is the perfect subject for field studies and hands on learning.  The classic wildflower collection becomes high tech with digital cameras.  Insect collections and identification are a lot less messy and more fun with digital pictures.  If you have a microscope at home you can do comparative studies of everything from pond water to types of pollen.  Is your student an artist?  Engage their artistic interests with sketches of leaves, mushrooms, flowers, or birds.  High school biology doesn’t have to be daunting – your homeschool student can learn everything they need for their future endeavors while still having fun with the beauty of nature.

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