Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Animal Games

My child loves animals.  From the time she could talk she announced that she wanted to be a veterinarian.  We also have a considerable number of pets to attest to the idea that she loves animals.  Without suitable parental brakes we would have a lot more!

Because she loves animals so much anytime I can use an animal to help with a teachable moment I take advantage of it!  Fortunately her passion works really well when applied to pet chores J!

In the past I have had her play animal games to reinforce different vocabulary words.  For example, when we were learning about amphibians some of the vocabulary words were gills, larva, antennae, pond, and jump.  Games help in learning those words.  One of the games we played put those words in a find a word puzzle.  Find a word puzzles reinforce word recognition and the ability to spell the word without having to write the word a number of times.  Since my student has always been a reluctant writer playing the games got her the necessary practice without having to fight the writing battle!


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  1. My kids really like the octupus games. Where else could you find octupus games, really!