Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Tiniest Bits of Life

Science is one of those subjects that even after teaching it for years, I still get amazed! Being an open minded homeschooler is one of those things that allows me to see each amazing new bit of information as transforming. I get so excited - I hope that I share that excitement with my children!

Today I thought I'd share some thoughts about the tiniest units of life. The one celled organisms that make up all living things in the universe. Cells are the workhorses that keep things alive. God has created the cell to be an amazing miniature structure that carries out the function of getting things done for the greater organism.

Every cell has three parts.
1) the cell membrane - which surrounds the cell and protects it. Everything that leaves the cell including its waste must pass through this membrane. It is like a wall protecting a city.
2) the inside of the cell is called the cytoplasm. Small organs move around and do their work within this cytoplasm. These organs are called organelles.
3) The nucleus of the cell is usually found in the center. It is the brain of the cell and directs the work that happens within the cell. Within the nucleus are the chromosomes which determine exactly what function the cell holds. They also determine what the greater organism will be.

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