Friday, June 15, 2012

Types of Spiders

Like we studied last week, spiders are amazing.. and they have specific characteristics that set them apart.
Just as there are many different types of monkeys or beetles - there are many varieties of spiders. Studying science online can be an awesome way to learn more about spiders. Here's a sample of some:
1) Weaving spiders or trap spiders
These spiders spin a little blanket or trap door to catch flying insects or insects that happen to wander past their front door.
2) Ambushing spiders - the ogre faced spider makes a tiny net out of silk that hangs by its legs. When an unsuspecting insect happens by this spider drops his net on them.
3)Hunting spiders - The spitting spider sneaks up to where an insect is and spits out strong threads at him. The threads trap the insect long enough for the spider to move in and bite it.
4)Swimming spiders - the fishing spider moves easily across water and can chase insects on the water surface. Sometimes it will sit still and vibrate only its legs so its prey will swim close enough for it to attack.
5)Tarantulas - These are the largest spiders in the world. They are also called the hairy giants. They feed primarily on insects, but sometimes eat small reptiles, mammals and frogs. A tarantula bite can be dangerous to small animals, but it is not dangerous to humans. Some female tarantulas can live for 20-30 years!

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